Spelunking For Secrets


Spelunky is known for its secrets. They are well known, but only from second-hand experience. YouTube videos and TwitchTV live streams of the game both have exposed the uninitiated to Spelunky‘s hidden gems, but most people who have a 9-to-5 or kids or hobbies will never experience them first-hand. They are too buried. They require too much simultaneous skill and luck. The latter because, given the game’s randomly generated levels, you can never anticipate exactly where they will be—if they appear at all. Uncovering Spelunky’s secrets depends just as much on the game as it does on your diligent effort in finding them.

It’s obvious Spelunky contains oodles of secrets from the get-go. The problem is knowing what to do with one upon finally encountering it. There are mysterious objects everywhere: sacrificial altars of unknown purpose, Egyptian artifacts, and an eggplant, the existence of which I’m sure would be mythical if it weren’t for the internet. I’ll run through a few of them to illustrate how much they all rely on a combination of luck, skill, and generosity from the game’s code.

The Udjat Eye




The Udjat Eye is one of the first mysterious objects players will come across in Spelunky. In either the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th level of the mines (the first of four sets of levels, followed by the jungle, ice caves, and Temple) a locked chest and key will appear. Seeing one indicates that the other is somewhere in the mine. If you manage to find the key and carry it to the chest, the chest unlocks and you are given the Udjat Eye, which appears equipped in your inventory but doesn’t seem to have a purpose.

For a while I quit unlocking the chest in the mines. I saw it as a distraction, because instead I could focus on reaching the exit safely. But once I was comfortable in my ability to navigate the mines and reach the jungle, I got interested again. Maybe that thing will do something in the jungle, I thought.

Sure enough, it did. On level 2-3 (Jungle level 3), after countless romps through the jungle that resulted in nothing, I noticed the Eye start to flicker. It flickered faster as I moved in one direction, until finally, it couldn’t flicker any faster. I noticed a grass-covered something behind the platform on which I was standing, so I blew it up with a bomb. A satisfying tune rang through my speakers and an exit was revealed, going to the “Black Market,” a place with shops that were filled with rare items. The exit from the Black Market brought me to level 2-4.

I found a secret—it took weeks, but I found one!—and my interest in the depth of Spelunky‘s was at an all-time high. It felt like I had only scratched the surface.


Hell is difficult. See: killer vampire bats, spinny spikeball chains. You don’t see: lava.

A pinnacle achievement in Spelunky is reaching Hell. Hell is a world made so inaccessible by the pure difficulty of the game and the obscurity of the items required to find it that less than 1% of players ever get there. Here’s everything one would need to do:

  • Obtain the Udjat Eye by finding both the key and chest somewhere in the mines.
  • Find the entrance to the Black Market somewhere in the jungle. The Udjat Eye flickers with light as you get closer.
  • Inside the Black Market you must buy the Ankh, another Egyptian artifact. It costs $50,000, a sum you like will not have, requiring you to kill the shopkeeper, steal it, and fight off angry shopkeepers for the rest of the game.
  • With the Ankh—and hopefully without those damn shopkeepers bothering you—you must reach the ice caves. This is difficult. There you must find the Moai, a large stone head of Egyptian style. If you have the Ankh and you die on the level that contains the Moai, upon death you will be resurrected inside the Moai, giving you the third of four Egyptian artifacts.
  • Next, complete the ice cave levels. Good luck.
  • When you’re in the Temple, a new enemy called Anubis carries a scepter. You must kill Anubis and take this scepter. Carry the scepter to level 4-2 and it functions as a key to the City of Gold.
  • No, you’re still not done.
  • Inside the City of Gold—the levels of which are just as brutally difficult as those of the Temple—you must locate and steal the Book of the Dead. When you do this, Anubis reappears and you must kill him, again.
  • Continue roughing it through the City. Level 4-4, what is usually considered the final boss level, contains a hidden door. The Book of the Dead allows you to open that door.

And through that door is Hell, another entire world filled with traps and enemies even more deadly than those of the earlier worlds. If you get through all four levels, there is a secret ending. Did I mention that you start with three hearts and cannot lose them throughout this entire process? If you do, it’s game over.

This process illustrates the incredible depth of Spelunky, but also the ridiculous amount of luck and skill and randomness that is involved in performing such a thing.

There’s more, though. The most legendary secret in gaming history is the “solo eggplant run.” It involves everything above and more, and watching it is incredible. The video is below, but the context, requirements, and story around this feat was chronicled in an excellent Polygon story by Douglas Wilson. I recommend both.

See you on Friday with a Spelunky review.

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