My name’s Brad Tramel. I’m a 20-year-old writer, student, and all-around artsy guy. In pursuit of three degrees at Bemidji State University—English, Electronic Writing, Creative and Professional Writing—I write and read an amount my mom considers unhealthy.

But when not steeped in, say, modernist literature, odds are I’m immersed in a quirky indie game.

Three years ago my interests in writing, reading, and videogames compelled me to pursue work as a freelance writer. Unwinnable and GamerNode have published my recent thoughts on video game criticism, culture, and narrative. I’m always happy to work for publications in need of an enthusiastic and ambitious young writer.

As my time as an undergraduate dwindles, I’m reluctant to make concrete plans for my future. I may enter graduate school if I find one cool enough to let me study ludonarrative. I may go to California and attempt screenwriting. I may write a novel. Or I may continue writing freelance copy about video games. More than likely, though, I’ll dabble in each and be content, because I’ll still be writing.

I don’t restrict myself to video games. I’ll write about anything, from movies and music to people and politics. I plan to dabble in fiction soon, too.

To get in touch you should follow my snarky ramblings on Twitter. You can also email me, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

What do you think?

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